Sports Therapists: Can your financial worries go away?

Given the current uncertainty and perceived anxieties around getting clinics and business up and running once the Governments restrictions are lifted; wouldn’t you want get a firm grip of your personal finances?

I asked Mark Titley, a Financial Adviser from Willson Grange Wealth Management...

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The top five things you need to do to land a Sports Therapy job

Are you looking for a job in Sports Therapy?

I bet you have heard phrases like...’s not what you know, it’s who you know, or, just need to get your foot in the door, or,

...there aren’t many jobs for Sports Therapists.

Am I right?

 So firstly let’s put...

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A gigantic leap from UK Sports Therapist to Athletic Trainer

In this blog, Kristian has asked me to write about my journey from injured school-aged athlete to becoming a UK Sports Therapist and then making the gigantic leap into Athletic Training!

I will let you know my thoughts and feelings along the way (and possibly some top tips too!).

Like a large...

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