Clinic Growth Club

Increase your Sports Therapy clinic profit and get more patients in this super-charged group, including a monthly 2-hour virtual mastermind.

Only 30 places available.


*When paid annually. Cancel anytime.

Whether you are just starting your clinic or have been working a while, we share ideas to increase patients & revenue!

Each month you will have access to the 2-hour Clinic Growth mastermind virtual call.

Can't make it? Don't worry, the recording will be posted in the private group.

What is else is included?

Access to the Sports Therapy Community

Private group for business advice

Regular coaching from Kristian Weaver

Private chat amongst Members for collaboration and networking

Meet the Creator

Kristian Weaver
BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy
MSc Clinical Exercise Physiology
Senior Lecturer in Sports Therapy 

I  was an average Sixth Form student who didn't know how to revise, write answers to examination questions or plan my work. When I started my Sports Therapy journey, I found something that I enjoyed and was willing to work hard at; however, on graduation I was a little bit lost and unsure of what path to take and missed the guidance and community of University. 

🧐 Three BIG business questions I had:
How do I build & grow a clinic?
Who do I ask for help?
How do I make more profit?

I was lucky... I found a way to build my career and business, making lots of mistakes along the way. Experience that I am going to share with you, so that you can leap over any pitfalls.

In my career I had gone from average Sixth Form student to working with Olympic athletes, running successful businesses and Lecturing at University.

The combination of over 12 years of clinical practice, business, hard work and collaborations comes together to support Sports Therapy business owners to grow.


We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

You can choose to pay monthly or annually. Automatically billed to save you the hassle.

How do I know it's for me?

Do you want to have a successful clinic? Then it's for you.

Does it matter if I don't have any business knowledge?

Ideally you would have taken one of our courses to get you up to speed, but even if you are starting out, this is a great place to be.

How much do I have to do?

It's totally up to you. The more time that you invest in the discussion and take action, the more successful you will be.  We suggest one hour per week and attendance at the monthly mastermind.

When can I get started?

You can join today. It usually takes 24 hours for us to organise behind the scenes and put you into this amazing group. Make sure you check your emails.

Does my location matter?

No. Anyone can join as this is 100% online.  

Your thriving Sports Therapy clinic is waiting.

Only 30 places available.

*When paid annually. Cancel anytime.