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If you are starting to plan out your Sports Therapy Clinic, even if you only have a blank piece of paper.


If you are an employee looking to have a side-hustle Sports Therapy Clinic.




If you are ready to jump in and make the biggest play... a full-time clinic!


You are in the right place!

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By the End of the Sports Therapy Clinic Launch ePlaybook You...

Will Know Where to Start

Nail down what you need to get your clinic started rather than continuing to spend countless hours just thinking about what your clinic would look like.

Will Have Refined Your Business

Develop your business plan before seeing any patients, to make sure that your service is clearly established and you are full of confidence.

Will Have Branded Your Clinic

Brand your Sports Therapy Clinic, even if you have never done 'this' before and you have no idea of what you goes into creating a 'brand'.

Meet Coach Kristian


Kristian Weaver MSc PGCTHE MSST

I'm Kristian: a Sports Therapist, Exercise Physiologist, Senior University Lecturer and Online Business Owner. I support Sports Therapists to build connections, launch a clinic and accelerate their career. Being able to help Sports Therapists is my passion and I am super excited about the opportunity that you have to go through the Clinic Launch Playbook.

Meet Coach Naomi


Naomi Huggins BSc (Hons), MSc, MSST

I'm Naomi: a Graduate Sports Therapist, Clinic Owner and University Lecturer. I have built my business from the ground up doing everything myself (even laying the flooring). Having grown from an individual mobile therapist to my own premises with a team of amazing therapists and everything that comes along with it; I am so happy to be able to share my Playbook to help other Sports Therapists with their dreams!

What's included?

Stage 1 | Warm-up

Kristian & Naomi introduce the key concepts of the ePlaybook and the four touchdowns that you are aiming for. The beauty of reading our ideas and experiences is that you will know exactly what outcomes you need to achieve so that you can make the right calls and implement winning tactics.

Stage 2 | Setting Up the Clinic

There is nothing more terrifying than going into the biggest game of your life without a solid plan. The coaches will explain some key considerations which you can apply to your own Clinic Launch.

You want to get this set up right, so that you can avoid being overwhelmed from the very first whistle.

Stage 3 | Choosing Where to Play

One of the hardest things to decide is whether you are going to have a premises to work from or to go mobile. The coaches help you to weigh up the positives and negatives.

You want to make the right choice for you and your patients.

Stage 4 | Making the Call in Marketing

Now you know how to set up, you need to get your message out there - but how? Rather than it becoming a sprawling mess, we share what has and has not worked for us in our businesses.

You will get years of experience to support you while developing your thriving Sports Therapy Clinic.

Stage 5 | When Your Play Pays Off in Your Financial Game

As the game unfolds you will have to have a tight grip on your financials; everything from income from appointments, to outgoings on consumables, to submitting taxes.

You will want to get the greatest reward, so get ready to knuckle down so that you can get the basics right.

Stage 6 | Growing & Scaling Your Clinic Business

You have done it. You have created a successful business. Now that you want to grow further, what considerations do you need to make? What is going to make this the most profitable play of your life?

We delve into the processes that you need to have in place if you want to make it into the big time.

Stage 7 | Behind the Scenes Pass

Even though it all looks great out on the field, there is still so much going on behind the scenes to bring the whole thing together. At this stage the coaches go behind the scenes to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Stage 8 | The Final Play, Launching

When you have planned a successful clinic, you need to put the cherry on the top with a great launch. We will identify how you can leverage your mailing list, create a launch plan and going all out to maximise awareness of your clinic.

Stage 9 | Post-Play Analysis

We won't just leave you there. You will have the opportunity to analyse your ePlaybook and we will point you in the right direction moving forwards.

Touchdown Bonuses

Bonus 1 | Value £100

Swipe files saving you hours of admin.

Bonus 2 | Value £50

Patient follow-up methods so that they keep coming back.

Bonus 3 | Value £50

Social media calendar so you know what to post and when.

Plus some secret bonuses!

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